Yorkville Signage

Toronto, Ontario

85 ft.

Concept 2009


Located in the heart of the Village of Yorkville, this showcase is designed to create a sculptural glass form that enhances circulation along a mid-block pedestrian laneway.  It is designed to showcase products from local retailers to both the laneway and future parkette on the opposite side.  An electronic display board is mounted at the north end, signifying the lane entrance, increasing the versatility of advertising and allowing its programming to become a display board for local events and festivals.  The form of the showcase sensitively responds to the site conditions, with display platforms stepping down in conjunction with the walkway slope and the roof of the showcase flaring up to increase its presence at the street entrance. 

The glass volume sits on a floating stone slab that will complement the future parkette as a seating bench.  This singular glass volume is divided into segments by interior translucent alabaster panels, maintaining the delicacy of the structure.  The display elements are designed around a pivoting panel to allow for a 180 degree viewing angle to maximize exposure.

North Elevation_1 copy.jpg
East elevation copy.jpg
0905 signage proposals_090630_Page_05_edited.jpg