Midtown Office Suite

Toronto, Ontario

4200 sf.

Completed 2019


At the top level of a 6-storey office building in mid-town Toronto, this 4200 sf office suite offers a full array of luxurious amenities combining the utility of a modern office and the comforts of home. The suite is anchored by two feature elements at either end of the plan: a lounge at the entry and a presentation kitchen. Boardrooms and private offices are laid out between lining the exterior windows and a central core of services is located in-bound. The suite strikes a balance between service and served spaces with materiality used to delineate function and navigation through the suite.

Inspired by elements of the Canadian landscape, the lounge features dramatic split face limestone accent walls with a rich variation of tone and texture that in combination with whitewashed oak floors provide a domestic quality to the space.  A wall of built-in millwork is washed with light from concealed skylights above. The millwork extends seamlessly into the main boardroom through an embedded glass partition. A corridor leads to the remainder of the suite connecting offices to the kitchen and dining area. Along one wall, glazed partitions divide a series of private offices whose lightness is contrasted with an opposing wall of dark stained millwork that conceals service spaces. These service spaces include a custom high-density file storage system. Motorized sliding rows of filing are supported structurally from the slab above by a series of suspended steel framework. The feature kitchen and dining space at the rear of the suite is equipped with a full complement of professional grade appliances with the appearance of a residential kitchen. The space was designed in conjunction with the client’s desire for in house food preparation capabilities for sharing of communal meals.