The Manderley

Toronto, Ontario

165 000 sf.

In Progress


This project tackles a complex corner site in the Birch Cliff neighborhood in Toronto’s east end, proposing a 10-storey mixed-use building. Creative formal articulation responds to setback constraints of local by-laws and design guidelines resulting in a terraced design further broken up by inset balconies at the upper levels. The project addresses the corner and ground plane by reinforcing the existing mix of commercial and residential frontage in the area with commercial along its primary Kingston Road frontage and town houses along its secondary residential frontage. Articulated brick volumes at the lower levels respond to the scale and materiality of the local street context and help ground the lighter glass-encased mass above.

The project will target TGS Tier 2 performance levels. Renewable, on-site geothermal energy will be used for heating and cooling while a large green roof area will aid in storm-water retention and promote natural bio-diversity.

Corner view.jpg